Greenwood, MN


Smoke Testing

City staff got rained out of doing the smoke testing August 18-20, 2015, so the testing has been rescheduled for the week of September 21, 2015. We will be reminding people again when we closer to the date, as well as knocking on doors the day of testing.

The purpose of the test is to find breaks or faulty connections that allow clean water into the sanitary sewer system, which can result in significant treatment costs to the city (taxpayers).

Click on the below "Greenwood Notice" PDF link and go to page 2 to determine if your home is in one of the smoke test areas. If your home is in one of the smoke test areas, please click on the "Smoke Testing Presentation" PDF link to learn more about smoke testing.

If you have questions, please contact Brian Simmons 952.448.8838 x 2714,