Greenwood, MN


Spring Clean-Up Day

Greenwood Clean-Up Day is on the 3RD SATURDAY in May. This FREE curbside service provides pick-up for many items not usually taken by garbage haulers. Vintage Waste is the hauler for Greenwood Clean-Up Day. Only one trip will be made through the city, so be sure your items are curbside by 7am.

ACCEPTED ITEMS (limit of one 6ft pick-up load per home):

  1. Sofas, chairs, cabinets, tables, desks, etc.
  2. Carpet (must be tied in rolls no longer than 5 feet)
  3. Small construction debris piles, nails removed, sheetrock boxed or bagged (50 pound maximum per bag), plywood and paneling must be cut into sections, windows accepted if the frame is good. Wood must be no longer than 5 feet.
  4. Metal items, bicycles, grills, swing sets (must be disassembled 
    and no concrete), lawn mowers, snowblowers, weed whips, etc. (oil / gas must be drained)
  5. General household junk, blinds, housewares, etc.
  6. Yard waste in compostable or paper bags.
  7. Brush must be bundled with twine and no longer than 5 feet and 3 inches in diameter.

NOT ACCEPTED: Broken glass, wood with nails, railroad ties, green treated wood, large windows and sliding glass doors, carpet with nail strips, fluorescent ballast and bulbs, TVs, computers or printers, microwaves, LP tanks, air conditioners, furnaces, appliances, firewood, stumps, bushes with root systems, water heaters, paint, oil, gas, hazardous waste, items over 100 pounds, car tires, batteries, car parts, yard waste in plastic bags, non-bundled brush, household food, garbage, or recycling.

Vintage Waste
Phone: 952-472-0401