Greenwood, MN


Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission

Greenwood council meetings (channel 8), other local council meetings, and local programming are available for viewing on LMCC channel 8 and channel 20. The schedule can be found at Council meetings also can be viewed at the LMCC website where “agenda parsing” is available. Simply click on the agenda topic you want and you will be able to view that part of the council meeting. Click to see Greenwood council meetings online.

Phone: 952 471-7125
Fax: 952 471-9151
Post: P.O. Box 385, Spring Park, MN 55384-0385
Address: 4071 Sunset Drive, Spring Park, MN

The Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission (LMCC) is an agency formed by a Joint Powers Agreement between 17 area communities, whose purpose is to oversee the franchise agreement with the cable operator (Mediacom), and to promote awareness and use of community television.