City Docks

The city offers municipal watercraft spaces at two locations: St. Alban's Bay City Docks for powerboats and at the Meadville Boat Launch for sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. City code chapter 4, section 425 governs municipal watercraft spaces. Priority goes to off-shore residents. Download the watercraft space waiting list application below. Click on the appropriate links at the bottom of this page to view the current waiting list and watercraft space assignment list.

St. Alban’s Bay City Docks

Location: On a stub road off of Greenwood Circle
This site hosts 26 slips for boats. To get on the waiting list, complete a watercraft space waiting list application via this link. Priority goes to off-shore residents. Parking is available on the south loop of Greenwood Circle. Boats must be out of the water by the 3rd Sunday in October. 

Meadville Boat Launch, Sailboat Slips & Canoe Rack

Location: Meadville Street just south of the Fairview Street intersection. 

  • To use the Meadville boat launch, 1 permit sticker must be displayed on the bottom left of your trunk window. Email to request a permit sticker.
  • Giving or selling stickers to non-residents is prohibited. 
  • Yes, police will enforce the requirement to display a sticker when using the boat launch. 
  • There is no trailer parking in the area. 
  • The depth of the water at the launch site is suitable for fishing boats and other small watercraft. 
  • The launch also is host to the city’s sailboat slips and canoe rack.