The city does not deal with trees that are touching power lines. If you observe a tree touching a power line, call Xcel at 800.895.1999.


The city has a Tree Preservation ordinance that limits the number of trees that may be removed. Please contact the city at before you remove any trees.


In March 2021, the city forester confirmed that EAB is now in Greenwood. EAB is a destructive pest that attacks all species of ash trees. Since ash trees have NO natural defense to EAB, trees will die in 1-4 years once infested. Eventually all ash trees will die unless successfully treated. Treatment costs approximately $100 for a 20" diameter tree and must be done 1-3 years in perpetuity. 

How to identify EAB: EAB larva creates S-shaped galleries under the bark. An adult EAB is a slender elongated insect 1/3 to 1/2 inch long, iridescent-green to copper-green in color, and leaves a D-shaped exit hole in the bark. 

What the city is doing on public property:  In the coming months, the city forester will identify significant ash trees located on city property that would be worth treating. The city forester also will mark ash trees for removal if they are weak specimens that are a hazard. Otherwise, ash trees on public property will become habitat for wildlife. Below is a PDF of the Ash Tree Inventory prepared by the city forester.

What you need to do: In Greenwood, ash trees may be removed without limitation. However, please do NOT remove ash trees May-Sep to reduce the spread of EAB. Consult with a certified arborist to determine treatment options for privately-owned ash trees. 

More information: (keyword: ash borer).